The books address various levels of information from the short succinct versions to the complete in-depth study depending upon your interest and scope of intention for self-knowledge.

Below is the Table of Contents for the COMPLETE STUDY




""This is not a fashion site. The intent of this work is to provide the factual science behind the phenomena of color analysis revealed to us through the lexicon language of Nature. There is no confusion or guessing when one goes deep enough to see the correlation between the principles of this study and the Seven Universal Laws of the Universe. Nature is simple. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better, and your heart will validate your beauty.”


A New Paradigm Form of Art


There are Eight Forms of Art:    1. Painting
                                                    2. Sculpture
                                              3. Music
                                                       4. Architecture
                                                   5. Literature
                                                         6. Photography
                                                      7. Performing
                                              8. Dress

The Art of Dress now steps into the lexicon language of an art form. For the first time, nature’s Universal Language of Color and Line brings to the fore and connects all forms of art. The sole reason is because this language is the language of nature and has word elements that carry meaning. This ever-present language describes, envelopes and expresses throughout all art forms and there are no exceptions―and this includes the structure of the human body!

This work is key knowledge for all creative endeavors but is especailly relevant for dress design which inclues fashion, coutour, pattern making, sewing, jewelry design, gemstones, fiber and textile, leatherwork flowers, needlework, functional art, hair design and cosmetics.


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ADA   red cover  red holistic book  face analysis 

Timeless Manners Charm Etiquette   women and girls  men and boys
		 cover  Impeccably

vivid beauty  face reading 9pxbdr  beneath  french version




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DRESS The Eighth Form of ART ~ Revealed Through Nature's Colors, Lines and Shapes


150 pages The specialty of this book gives tools gathered for the student of art in a totally new context for dress. You first become the artist of your own personal body canvas and appreciate the unique complex relationship you have with your dress. It is gratifying to understand the structure of your body, your gait, your face, your features, your traits and your comfort level of dress and beyond.

The Language of Nature is revealed and defined as a comprehensive study, the gathered lexicon of the language presented for the first time. Students claim that it's like, “Breaking a secret code or learning a foreign language”. Student exams from The Academy of Art University in San Francico are included which demonstate the expertise acquired through understanding the simple language demonstrated through the deep study of the language of season colors, lines and shapes—the meanings, symbols, associations, analogies, and how all of life speaks this universal language everyday in everyway including the very structure design of our own bodies.

Nikola Tesla, "There is no subject more captivating, more worthy of study, than Nature. To understand the great mechanism, to discover the forces which are active, and the laws which govern them, is the highest aim of the intellect of man."

People are starved for beauty. But they are also afraid of beauty, in fear that they don't add up and compare to higher beautifully expressed standards and quality of expression.  Great art reminds and compels us toward beauty; there is a connection between responsiveness to beauty and love of truth that compels us toward the Divine.

The book includes history of the theory of color analysis and an important tutorial based on George Dearborn, one of the earliest theorists on "The Psychology of Clothes" who states there is a scientific basis underlying this notion that happiness is related to a high expenditure of energy and to mental efficiency. Dearborn has volumes of experiments and data on the effects of clothing
. Scholars note his particular work as culturally important.

The 8 Axioms of fine dress are fully defined and illlustrated for both women and men—body shapes, face features, traits, clothing lines (coats, jackets, shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, sleeves, belts, shoes, collars, ties, belts, accessories) and full color layouts for all seasons hair, skin and eye coloring. There are seven layers of complexity layed out step by step for understanding how everything is balanced and connected including fabric textures and patterns based on a person's Keysize. The what, the why and the how of dress become obvious once pointed out...once noticed... because it makes perfect sense...because it is Nature's way.

eBook available here through PayPal $14.95

red cover


Advantages of The Science of Personal Dress COMPLETE STUDY Seventh Edition - (Certification)

313 pages, considered the Textbook Manuel of this classic study. The Table of Contents is listed in the column to the left.
5 Aspects of dress and 5 Elements of dress not commonly covered
All details covered including men and women questionairres
Color and light science
Psychological aspects of color
Color analogies
Symbols and sacred geometry
Flip-over phenomena (simultaneous contrast)
Deeper hair color discussion
Combination body types
Complete description of clothing lines
Illustrated study of face feature lines
Sketchbook wardrobe organizer
Extreme colors discussed
Indepth skin discussion
Designers Box of Tools:
    Detailed Lines
Men’s section 50 pages
Updated SEVENTH eBook available here through PayPal $16.95

women and girls

Advantages of WOMEN and GIRLS Book

168 pages
Bigger font (14 pts)
4 Aspects of dress
All significant salient information is covered
Not as detailed, more the cream off the top of the work
A faster study for those wanting to get to the point
Practical for easy application, especially for teenage girls
A first study that can be followed by the Complete Study if Certification is desired

eBook available here through PayPal $

Men and Boys

Advantages of the MEN and BOYS Book


104 pages
Bigger font
4 Aspects of dress
Right to the point covering easy to apply shortcuts
Detailed guidelines for men’s wardrobe combinations
All illustrations drawn and adapted for men
Important wardrobe tips and easily seen for men when pointed out
Extremely beneficial for a male's focus in sales and marketing

eBook available here through PayPal $12.95


Advantages of The Universal Language of FACE ANALYSIS ~ How One's Face Structure Impacts The Art of Personal Dress and Personality

64 pages A delightful read from start to finish! This book completes the third form of analysis - 1ST color, THEN dress and NOW face analysis which has been overlooked but plays an important roll for a finely-tuned analysis. A deeper understanding of what underlies form and color brings a greater syntax of language giving one cognition of the more refined nuances of the art of personal dress. This study is based on validated scientific research showing that the structure of something defines its automatic function.

However there is more to all this than what first appears—not only does this apply to dress, but goes deeply into the expression of the personality itself. This book is unusual because for the first time it connects the basic language of line design and shows exactly what it expresses on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and through the personality as well.

Examples are illustrated to help short-cut long descriptions so the reader can see easy associative connections. Finally, the history and background of structure analysis is presented, along with the position on the body of 90 illustrated traits, full descriptions of each trait, their universal meanings and what they communicate. This teaching is a powerful asset on every level, giving one the opportunity to ease into a flow of sensitive, non-judgmental positive communication, and a better understanding in relationships, in sales, friends and self-knowledge.

eBook available here through PayPal $12.95


ADVANTAGES of The Science Beneath The Dress ~ The Ultimate Designers Handbook

136 pages What designers need to know. Especially valuable for clothing manufacturers, architects, wardrobe sales consultants, beauticians, tailors, film, interior design, writers, artists, jewelers and creative design of every venue who personally value beauty in all its aspects.

Under the auspicious opportunity of teaching the required foundation color and line classes for The Academy of Art in San Francisco, Irenee’s students were grounded in the basic principles of the Laws of Vibration and Attraction applied to all art endeavors translated into The Universal Language of Color and Line. A cursory outline is illustrated and given here for your benefit. Used as a starting point, but applied to all art, the whole language of body structure is now included in holistic color analysis involving color of skin, hair, eyes, shape and lines of the body, and even the size and positioning of face features.

This book is a condensed version of The Science of Personal Dress Complete Study. It has been written and turned around in reverse engineer fashion to provide the quickest way to learn the universal language of fine dress. In a step-by-step tutorial, it includes 547 basic clothing illustrations aligned with each body shape and details connecting relevant data from the body up through every aspect of dress and style. 50 years research, experience and proven concepts of universal color and line principles, a Designers Summary List is presented showing the order and harmony of natural law through 1. Imagery, 2. Color Modifications, 3. Details of Lines, organized into orderly practical tools used for all creations.

Irenee states, “I didn't invent a color system, so much as discover an order to human colors and body lines which already exist, and then organized them into harmonics based on art principles exhibited by Nature. Just as sound exists within a certain range of human perception, so does color and line; just as music creates mood, has a theme and evokes emotion, so does color and line. I have orchestrated, if you will, colors and lines just as musical notes of the scale are organized so one can deliberately create with color and line.”

eBook available here through PayPal $12.95

red cover

Advantages of Color Analysis PURE and SIMPLE ~ Holistic Color & Body Analysis

133 pages This book differs from the Dress The Eighth Form of ART in that it is designed for women just wanting to know more about themselves. Right to the point. This popular book is a condensed version from the classic Science of Personal Dress Complete Study manual and includes all the detailed clothing illustrations for each female body type and gives the fullscope of how to dress each type.

Rules for necklines, big-top little-top, sensuality, body weight and keysizes, silhouette lines for hairstyles, makeup, eyeshadow, eybrow alignment, jewelry, covers inside and outside lines of clothing, fabrics, textures and fitting instructions. Season color groups and Inter-season colors laid out in order to extend colors according to the influence of traits.

The summary in this book is unique because it does include all relevant information to dress oneself to perfection. It presents illustrated “shortcut” tools for quick understanding of this teaching with It has minute illustrated dress examples for every body type.

Pure and Simple is a solid first step guaranteed to expand awareness and begin a remarkable journey seeing life through vibrational energy and law of attraction. This work goes far beyond the limited 4 season approach and teaches the literal Universal Language of Color and Line which applies to every thing, including every body. Also perfect for astute and creative teenagers. This book is not fashion! It is a thesis regarding what is appropriate, comfortable and natural for each body type. Thus, personal dress becomes an exacting science by simple formula. Based on universal principles of color and line, this study assures that good taste can be learned…absolutely!

eBook available here through PayPal $12.95


Advantages of IMPECCABLY SHARP Book (Includes Manners and Social Skills for Men and Boys)

130 pages This illustrated book reveals what wise men know and young men can learn. Important book for Grandmothers and mothers to give to their grandchildren, sons and daughters. At any age, this book details how to be Impeccably Sharp and become a master of attraction, charm and standout elegance. This book is a synopsis of wisdom gained from the lives and experiences of true gentlemen who discovered that developing a personal style is worth a grown man's time. Covers protocol of social exchange, manners, table etiquette, conversation skills, attractive dress, cleanliness, beauty and creative thought. The book covers 3 subjects, and is based on an extensive survey which sets the tone of what women really ideally prefer:
Women Prefer Attractive Men
Women Prefer Well Dressed Men
Women Prefer Gentlemen

eBook available here through PayPal $12.95

vivid beauty cover

Vivid Beauty Manners, Charm and Etiquette Handbook For Women and Girls ~ Beautiful Original Complete 8.5x11 Version.
Irenee Riter is a Certified Graduate of The American School of Protocol in Atlanta Georgia taught by founder Peggy Newfield. Just to have a timeless handbook of cultural protocol is reaffirming to be aware and have as a reference guide (a companion book to “Impeccably Sharp” for men and boys.) This 30-page handbook begins with charming manners and then follows up with ways to show charm and etiquette through social exchange: charming conversations, charming suggestions, charming introductions, cultivated habits of self care, manners that show your charm, manners that shout your charm, etiquette that reveals your charm; table etiquette before, during and after dining. With a personal image instilled that the body is a unique expression never before created, these ideas blossom into a drive to enhance it, mine it, refine it, upgrade it, polish it and to package it an extraordinarily beautiful woman...a Vivid Beauty. This is the perfect gift from mothers to daughters and from grandmothers to granddaughters.

eBook available here through PayPal $9.95

Timeless Manners Charm Etiquete

NEW Timeless Manners, Charm and Etiquette CHECKLIST for Ages 3 to 100

61 pages 6"x9" This book is wonderful, especially in printed format from Amazon so that you have it in hand to refer to. The best book of its kind for everyone, especially for parents and grandparents as a guide to play with and enthrall young people with facts and points of interesting etiquette and manners which charm the heart and ennoble the Soul. Complete checklist brings to conscious awareness attributes of character, poise and beauty. Based on teachings of The American School of Protocol, along with comprehensive study of traditional rules of convention which address the mind, body and spirit. Makes a strong case for the advantage of at least knowing the difference, and of how culture and polish adds to enrich all our loving relationships.

eBook available here through PayPal $9.95

face reading 9pxbdr

Advantages of FACE READING Book

44 pages An important intriguing aspect of color and line education pertains to the shape and structure of one's face. Based on the function of archetype lines and shapes, a facecommunicates and is wired to automatically react to stimuli. These structural traits are so common that reference to them is used in our everyday language. Terms such as “a nose for news,” “high-brow,” “thin-skinned,” “level-headed” and an “ear for music” are valid actual traits that can be easily observed on people. This knowledge therein facilitates greater non-judgment appreciation for self and others. The book gives a history of the background of the study of personalities. 90 traits, fully illustrated showing the positioning on the face and body with detailed descriptions of each trait.

eBook available here through PayPal $5.99



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PERSONAL COLOR TESTER $65 which includes Custom Straps plus Personal Profile Booklet


Here is the opportunity to see and compare your best colors for yourself! This state-of-the-art simple durable tester is the ultimate color analysis tester.



training materials

Keysize Tester
4 Pocket size Personal Profile Books
8 Inter-season Color and Line Booklets for Women and Men
Harmonic Hair and Eye Color Chart
Harmonic Color Display Chart

PowerPoint Presenation for Women and Men

To Order email: or Phone 925-351-3315  

        Outdated various testing methods transformed into One Simple Personal Color Tester Tool

     color programs            


"This work has brought me the information I have longed for, and now I have the tools to consciously know what and why and how to put myself together."  — KR Germany

“Dear Irenee, I printed out 10 pages and took them to bed last night. Already I am blown away by the effort you have put into this book. You have skillfully presented all the important theories and concepts of color and line in a well written and illustrated book… something I’ve always wanted to do but did not have the time….or frankly the writing skills as you have.” — Donna Cognac, AICI, CIP

"Wish I had known this before.  Years ago I had my colors done and it never felt quite right. Some things just didn't add up, but now that I understand my Interseason influences it all makes sense.  The Science of Personal Dress is classically sound and gives the real answers...the whys and how's. — MR California

"Your work is sacred, is so much more respectful and non-violent to the body to find clothes that fit the body shape rather than try to shape the body via diets, surgeries, over exercising to fit the clothes ...........I am a licensed MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist.)  I practice psychotherapy and I can say by my experience how important the inner and outer aspects of who we are (of which I don't hold as separate) to be both vitally important." 
— Jeanette McCarthy  San Francisco

“Thanks for sending me the files; when you changed the original site it frightened me because it’s a kind of a Bible for me.” — Anna Nureeva from Rouen France

“As an image consultant, through the teaching of these principles, with each client I not only understand what and how...but why. I thrill seeing how each person is like a mystery to be unraveled. Clients are amazed to see parts of themselves they never paid attention to, or even viewed as flaws, to be a unique and interesting part of their human design. They become their own expert, and the consultation pays for itself with their first purchase and continues for the rest of life. I highly recommend this proven work which outlines the whole body and color analysis process.” Darren Chappell Image Consultant, San Francisco

"I am fascinated by the wealth and the depth of your knowledge. Thank you so much for making it available to the public. I have attended various color analysis courses, and none of them comes close to what you have to offer. The concept resonates with me and it just makes sense." — Anna Louise Villariel, Oslo Norway


Kathleen Boyd, Saratoga, California

My 36-year odyssey to discover my most flattering personal colors and wardrobe design finally reached its wonderful destination when I met the remarkable Irenee Riter.

Prior to discovering Irenee, unsatisfying results from many personal color consultants I worked with had kept me searching for what seemed to be elusive—a convincing personal color harmony experience. I had amassed 15 different color palettes that sometimes varied dramatically, even with the most basic selections of hair, skin and eye colors. Wearing many of the colors did not feel complementary or harmonious, nor did I feel more confident or radiant.

I was considering the time and resources I had expended over the years in my search. I had felt momentary enthusiasm after many consultations, but for various reasons enthusiasm proved fleeting because the results were inconsistent or disappointing. I questioned myself, trying to articulate the vague feeling that something was missing or being missed. I mentioned my frustration to my son one afternoon. He then casually asked; “What is the science behind this?”

Stunned by the simplicity of his comment, a new light sparkled in my mind. No one had truly been able to demonstrate or explain the basis for the colors they selected and said were in harmony with me. My path took a turn and I began searching for the science that explains why we look better in some colors and not others. I found my answer with Irenee Riter and her book; “The Science of Personal Dress.”

Considering myself a veteran color analysis client with a lot of experience of my own, I was immediately compelled to work with Irenee after studying her color material and the science of body shapes and line. Her approach is insightful, thorough, practical and usable. It is a testament to elegant simplicity. After I explained to her my long search for color and wardrobe answers, Irenee graciously agreed to personally work with me. I was elated!

My consultation with her was a revelation. During our 3 hours together we went over much of the material in her book and I learned the precepts of personal color harmony. Irenee did a color analysis with her color tester and I learned my “Home Base Season” and which colors from other Seasons are also flattering. I learned about “balanced colors” which is a vital piece of information I had not encountered working with anyone else. We discussed hair, makeup and clothing lines. In short, Irenee guided me to better understand and express myself through my wardrobe by using her “universal language” of color and style.

Irenee’s positive perspective on life and continual affirmation of our individual uniqueness and beauty stimulated me to rally after having previously felt confused in my quest. I finally discovered answers and my colors, thus, my odyssey has ended, and in the most beautiful way. However, it is Irenee’s sincerity that is perhaps the loveliest gift I received from being with her. Thank you so much, Irenee, for sharing your sincere love and guidance.